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For startups, many entrepreneurs have great passion and many great ideas. Their challenge is they need to learn how to balance those two things. They need to implement the discipline to operate with a systematic and structured approach–focusing on results, thinking like a large organization. This philosophy helps ensure a high level of market acceptance of their innovative products and services.

For big companies, the challenge is often the same as the advantage—being big. At the same time, that size advantage often means taking longer time for a decision making, requiring many cross functional support to deliver. The organization must transform themselves to be agile and nimble with creative thinking like startups.

We help executives and entrepreneurs optimize their operations to ensure successful delivery of their innovations. We ensure companies have a winning formula that will transform their business operations to effectively and efficiently respond to constant changing market demands.

Worried about how to actually deliver your innovation from concept to production to market?

Not sure how to swap out old strategies for the ones that work today?

Well, you’re not alone! Very few business leaders of both small and large companies actually do.

But Now you CAN with our pro “Innovation Iteration Formula Using SPOT”…

Developed by a business leader skilled in the art and science of successful innovation development.

Which means you get a clear success strategy for innovation implementation and delivery to market in the world today.

Don’t have the funds, technologies, or expertise?

No problem! My formula addresses challenges piece by piece so the process is right from the begiinning.

Don’t understand the unique challenges you have created by the realities of the company you are leading/building?

Even better! There is good news and advantages in each of those unique company situations.

Can’t / don’t have the strategy to quickly make course corrections?

We’ve got you covered with the innovation iteration formula which identifies and develops the strategies to keep the innovation process moving to delivery.

Innovation used to be just for those brilliant technology guys. Now it’s a requirement for every business to constantly be on the lookout not just for opportunities but for necessary innovation.

Innovation used to mean a new product or service for customers. Now it is necessary for internal systems as well as new or improved products and services for a market place where demands change rapidly and drastically.

Innovation used to mean having a corporate environment that implemented Agile. Now that agile philosophy is burdened with old systems and practices that simply are not “agile” enough!

My book “New Rules for Operations Portfolio Management: Building Your Business Future”, available on Amazon, focuses on today’s new rules for the agility required for successful innovation creation.

My goal was to write a book for you that would clearly lay out and explain how to leverage the new rules. This strategy is essential to rapid and sustainable success for entrepreneurs, innovators and leaders of business of all sizes.

Throughout my career, I have developed my unique formula for innovation iteration–the only way to manage and grow a business to reach escape velocity.

If you would like to talk about the “new rules” please feel free to contact me. Always happy to talk about the essential new rules, I am available to speak to your group, association, or corporate leadership team.

And the “warrior” part? Every business today needs warrior leadership to determine what needs to be done and then get it done, no matter what obstacles appear to be in the way.