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Larry is a respected business man who is known for his ability to generate improved bottom line results with his unique style of balancing the art and science of operations management.

With that philosophy, his career includes a wide variety of successes as an executive in large corporate positions as well as the several companies he has launched.

Tapping into his entrepreneurial DNA, since 2006, Larry has launched several businesses while working in corporate roles.  While he believes a business founder should invest their own funds, he also raised funds from outside investors, many of whom invested in several of Larry’s companies.

Over time, two of his companies were closed due to technology changes, and several were either transitioned to other management or were acquired.

Most recently, he was selected to serve as the Global Director for the Western Digital Project Management Office during the IT integration of Western Digital’s acquisitions of SanDisk and HGST. There he managed over 200 project managers located around the world and was responsible for consolidating the operations into an integrated model. He accomplished that massive project ahead of schedule.

Prior to this experience, Larry spent 5 years at Hitachi as head of project management operations for North America and Asia Pacific. Here also he managed large teams working on a wide variety of projects, and continued to complete many of those projects ahead of schedule.

As a business man who understands the critical need for sight into what is on the horizon, he implemented a dashboard that gave global management transparent insight into their entire portfolio of projects.

Larry can credibly speak both about his experiences at big companies that makes him a formidable entrepreneur, and his entrepreneurial experience that has helped him manage the nuances of business operations. This unique combination is what Larry leverages to manage and grow a business to reach escape velocity.