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My book, Operations Portfolio Management New Rules for a New Time is a comprehensive discussion of OPM for the business world of today.

My goal is to guide you – whether you are a business founder, executive leader, operations portfolio, or project managers – in best practices to build the business of the future.

As a serial entrepreneur, I have  launched several successful businesses. In my role today as the  Global Director, Enterprise Portfolio, and Project Manager in a large global company, I have first-hand experience with the best practices for today – what is required, what works, and what can lead to operational and financial crisis.

I am looking forward to sharing with you and learning about your challenges. 

My book is available here: Larry Tu Warrior & Author: Books Available on Amazon

Portfolio Management

Operations Portfolio Management (OPM) focuses on making sure that programs and services are prioritized to ensure allocation for resources to serve the organization’s strategy. In simpler terms, a portfolio manager worries about the success of the whole strategy put forth by the organization rather than the success of a single project. Therefore, investment decisions are usually made at the portfolio level.

OPM transforms organization’s vision and mission into a practical plan. It drives an organization to establish and implement the portfolio, and to manage projects and programs within the portfolio efficiently.


Project Management

Today’s project management must accommodate change due to volatility in just about everything in the world, making sure we are doing the right projects the right way, and able to predict delivery, costs and schedule are just the basics. Revolving around Agile principals is essential but just one element of successful project management. Concepts, techniques and insider approaches with a world-wide perspective are just some of what I’ll share here.


Program Management

Program Management focuses on achieving the benefits that would be aligned with the portfolio and hence with the strategic objectives of the organization.  So, a portfolio is part of the interface between the programs and strategic business objectives of the organization for which the programs are run.